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Student Profile Management

Add and update student information, list and search student records, add family details, generate reports


More than 90 languages supported, more languages can be easily configured

Development Activity, Food & Sleep

Manage junior kid's development approaches, associated skills and track related activities. Manage eating and sleeping patterns.

Profile Management

Add and update staff information, manage class teachers and generate reports


Associate staff with branch, department, grade and course. Manage salary components and payroll.


Manage school alumni records including staff and student

Fee Master
& Allocation

Create fee structures and waivers using configurable components, associate with grades and students


Make fees and other payments, partial payments, track defaulters, generate reports


Take online payments from parents, notify using SMS and mails


Add, update and search library items, maintain inventories, generate reports

and Return

Issue and Return library items, track requests and notify availability, manage fines


Manage library configurations, fine rules, queue lengths, issue period and reminders

Job Opening

List job openings and define the required experience and qualifications, provide guest logins to apply

Job Application

Manage applications received against the job openings, shortlist resumes and take actions

Job Results

Declare job results and notify candidates on their selection, generate offer letters

Holiday Calendar

Define holidays, vacation and weekly off, publish it on student's dashboard

Leave Management

Manage leave types, leave credits and debits, entitlements, balances and carry forwards

Approval Workflows

Manage staff leave entitlements, their leave application and approvals, generate reports

Hostels, Rooms and Allocation

Setup hostel and wardens, manage rooms in each hostels and corresponding occupancy

Room Allocation

Manage hostel requests and allocate rooms, manage related fees, generate reports

Outing Requests and Visitor Tracking

Manage outing requests, start and end timings, track hostel visitors

Notice Board

Create and edit school wide HTML enabled notices, edit HTML to make it appealing


Manage grade and section specific circulars, their publish and auto expiry timelines

Task Manager

Allow users to create their tasks and corresponding reminders

Want to better address parents concern about child's academic performance, social behavior, personal safety, career needs and all round development?


Shape the Future of Next Generation

Collaborate with Parents - Anytime, Anywhere.

Student Attendance

Take manual attendance or integrate with third party access control, send real time SMS and email alerts to parents

Staff Attendance

Take manual attendance or update automatically, integrate with various modules


Generate various attendance report

Homework Assignment

Assign homework to students of a particular grade and section, upload file, send SMS and Email

Online Submission

Upload completed homework and put notes against the assigned homework and submit online

Online Evaluation

Download the submitted assignment for evaluation, put comments and change evaluation status

Message Box

Configure Email and SMS, students/parents check in internal message inbox, compose and send to individual or group

Discussion Forum

Create a forum to collaborate with parents, add posts and receive comments

Grievance Cell

Receive parents grievances online, assign to a faculty and track for resolution and closure

Vehicle Management

Manage inventory of vehicles, associated drivers and their insurance details

Stops and Route Creation

Create route stops, pickup and drop time for a stop and use stops to create routes and corresponding fees, assign vehicle

Route Allocation

Allocate created routes to students and staff and manage requests

Concerned about teacher's reduced time for academics and looking for efficient tracking of student's progress?


Edsine - A Powerful ERP

Simplifies Managing Campuses Of All Scales.

Exam Setup and Schedule

Setup exams; define frequency, contribution and grades; manage schedule, seating and staff duty

Exam Assessment

Evaluate student's performance and provide feedback, check teacher's assessment status and notify, generate rank and percentile

Results and Reprt Card

Generate result, share with parents, view insights on student performance, generate report card in multiple formats

Timetable Setup

Create and edit timetable, schedule staff, course and rooms, create substitution for teachers on leave

Student and Staff Timetable

View student timetable for a particular class and section, view teacher wise staff timetable

Room and Staff Utilization

See hourly room utilization and staff utilization and track free periods

Activity Schedule and Results

Schedule events and activities, setup staff who will judge the event and declare results

Event Calendar

Publish events on the home page of the users to enable them to plan and participate in the events

CCE Setup and Schedule

Setup CCE masters like grading scale, exam format, skills, indicators, etc.; manage schedules and seating arrangement

CCE Assessment

Evaluate students on their scholastic and co-scholastic areas and skills, bulk upload marks

CCE Results and Report Card

Generate results and publish report book in CCE format, generate assessment certificate

Bogged down by overheads of school management and need an integrated secure online management solution providing analytics for real time decision making?


Build The 21st Century Institutions Of Excellence

Use Powerful Analytics To Centrally Control And Manage Your Schools.

Users and Roles

Create roles, configure access permission on each module for each role, define data security, create users and assign roles

ERP Configuration

Configure edsine features defining SMS, etc. configure website and setup institute information like branch etc.

Custom Fields

Define custom fields on any screens in Edsine and define validations like text, dropdown, numeric, email, etc.

Admission Management

Receive online applications from prospective students, capture information, take admission decision and setup fees

Document Configuration

Define documents that needs to be collected online from students, define mandatory documents for form acceptance

Lead Tracker

Capture lead information for inquiries in the school, generate report on the inquiries and track for closure

Student and Parent Portal

Provide student and parent access to Edsine with specific modules of their interest

Management and Staff Portal

Provide management and staff access to Edsine with specific modules and reports of their interest

Custom Website

Allow schools to create 6 pages of HTML based website from Edsine with details of their schools

Report Management

Manage all the Edsine reports from report management interface, allows schools to design their own custom reports and configure in Edsine

Student and Staff Reports

Generate multitude of pre-built student and staff reports that are helpful for various management aspects

Administrative Reports

Generate other prebuilt administrative reports for staff and management

Still looking for a solution to track student information, manage staff operations and automate school functions?


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